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Closed Campus & Visitor Policy

Students are prohibited from receiving food deliveries while school is in session. 

Foothill HS is a Closed Campus:

Students are required to remain on campus while school is in session.

Foothill High School Visitor Policy:

For school safety and supervision purposes, all visitors must:

  • be approved by the Principal/designee at least 1 full school days in advance (to allow for teacher notification).
  • Request can be submitted via email to their student's Counselor.
  • complete the visitor's log and receive the visitor's badge at the front office.
  • wear their visitor's badge while on campus .
  • check out at the front office and return the visitor's badge

FHS Office Staff can no longer disrupt class instructional time for personal delivers to students.

For items left in the main office, Parents/ Guardians should secure their student is aware to come and pick it up. Office Staff are not responsible for deliveries left in the main office.