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Bell Schedules

Bell schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Bell schedule for Wednesdays

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Schedule notes

What if my child misses an online course?  How does he/she make up missed synchronous time?
  • There are other opportunities to make up missing time in small group class time, or the student can email teachers directly for important lesson information.
Where do I access my child’s class schedule and assigned teachers?
  • Parents can access their student's schedule and classes by logging into your Aeries Parent Portal. Through this feature, parents can also track attendance, discipline, and connect with teachers or staff to gain support for their student.
How will my child access their lessons, assignments, and class content?
  • The school and/or teacher will provide information about how to access lessons, assignments, and class content.  Assignments and lessons will use different systems depending on the course content.
How do we get assistance with technology issues?