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Graduation Requirements

Twin_Rivers_Unified_School_District__Graduation_Requirements Card IconTwin Rivers Unified School District Graduation Requirements

Eight Semesters in English shall include two semesters in the following courses: ELA 9, ELA 10, ELA 11, and ELA 12. English Language Development (ELD) courses for English Language Learners can substitute for a maximum of one course per year.
40 credits
Two Semesters of Algebra I
Four semesters of math in addition to Algebra/ Integrated Math 1
30 credits
Two semesters of Physical Science
Two semesters of Life Science
20 credits
Social Science
Two semesters of World History
Two semesters of US History
One semester of Economics
One semester of American Government

40 credits
Physical Education*
Two semesters of PE course 1
Two semesters of PE course 2 or 3
20 credits
Fine Art or Foreign Language
Two semesters of visual and performing arts or foreign language

10 credits

One full semester of Health class

5 credits


65 credits
*Unless the student has been otherwise exempted pursuant to other sections of the Education Code.) The principal of alternative schools has the option to waive up to 10 credits of Physical Education, excluding grade 9 Physical Education.