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PE Course 1

Welcome_Back! Card IconWelcome Back!

Welcome to the best class of the day!  We will be improving our Fitness through a variety of activities.  OK, not the first couple of days, we need to issue lockers, buy PE clothes, and learn how to function in High School PE.

Students can purchase PE clothes through the student store during PE class or when the student store is open.  Shirts are $10 and shorts are $10.

Our first day to dress should be on Monday, August 27th. 

Fitness_Testing Card IconFitness Testing

California State Fitness Testing is seven months away.  All our Physical Education students have completed a Pre-Test to establish areas of strengths and weakness.  Please refer to Google Classroom for current status and State Standards.  All Students need to Pass five of the six areas of the California Fitness Test ( ).

First_Unit Card IconFirst Unit

Strength and Conditioning is our first activity of the year.  Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of weight lifting.  Which include: proper lifting technique, safety, names of lifts, and principal of overload.