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2020 Virtual Graduation

A_Letter_from_the_Principal Card IconA Letter from the Principal

Dear Class of 2020. Let me begin by saying I would give just about anything to be standing with you at this moment, handing you your diplomas and watching your turn your tassels. Circumstance denies me this pleasure, but not how I feel about you all.
 For the past three years I have watched you grow, I have watched you learn, I have watched you turn into young men and women ready to take on the next phase of your journey, and I can say with certainty that you are ready for whatever the future holds in store. 
For several weeks I have reflected on all of the things I wanted to say to you...things I did not get a chance to say because our time together was quickly cut short. . Perhaps that is why it is ironic that the single thought among the many upon which I have reflected, is one where time is not short, and one where process is uninterrupted. It’s actually a reflection whose roots come from what I learned in my high school science class. It’s the concept that "Pressure Makes Diamonds.” 
Let me begin as nothing more than a piece of carbon. However, after much adversity, much grinding away, much withstanding of extreme heat, and much pressure, that simple, unadorned piece of carbon emerges as a unique and priceless diamond. This, my mustangs, is exactly how I see you. 
You have persevered pressures that were unsurmountable to others. Pressures that come from being a student, from being an athlete, from working to support yourself or family members, or perhaps from being new to the United States and therefore pressured to communicate in a new language with strange cultural customs. You have weathered sleepless nights preparing for your personal statements and college applications. You have weathered the disappointment of missing prom and hearing your name called out at Negri Field. And you have recently weathered the stress and anxiety of learning from a distance, or even worse finding your principal knocking on your front door  to remind you that you need to get your grades up so you could earn your all important high school diploma.However, like that sturdy piece of carbon, you did not crumble under pressure; instead you carried the weight of mountains and emerged stronger, more resilient, and more capable of excelling should more difficult days lay ahead of you. And, just as important, like a diamond, you each shine in your own way. You are each precious and unique. I am in awe of the individual brilliance that each of you possess. You come in all sizes, all colors, and from all different places around the world. You have been accepted to schools such UCLA, Santa Clara, St. Mary’s, and top state colleges. You have organized the highest attended Homecoming game in recent memory, and your individual performances have created team play-off runs.
Finally, and most importantly, each of you as diamonds have demonstrated the characteristic from which the word has its Greek origins, “Adamas.” Adamas means, “unconquerable, “and as diamonds it is this unconquerability that you will take with you into a world of pressure, heat, and adversity, and because you are MUSTANGS I know you are up to the challenge.
Please know as you begin this next step in your journey, that you will always have a Foothill Family that loves and supports you, and you will always have "The Hill" to come home to.
I am blessed to be your Principal,
Mrs. King

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June 17, 2020 (7 - 9 p.m.)