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School-Loop Guide

Registering for your free School Loop account is easy and only takes 1 minute.
You will need your student ID number to complete the registration form.
It is the long 9 or 10 digit number that you use for lunch - Perm ID #.
Registration Process
1. Visit:                                              
2. Click the Register Now button on the login form (it may be necessary to first click the Login button on the school’s homepage.
3. Click the Register Now button.
4. Click the link for Student Registration.
5. Complete the form. Student ID number is listed on your course schedule and Student ID card. It is the long 9 or 10 digit number! Contact us below if you need the ID #.
6. Click the Register button.
7. You are now registered! The first time you login, you will be asked to read and acknowledge a User Agreement.
School-Loop is updated nightly beginning at 9:00 PM. Please wait until 8:00 AM the next day to reflect any changes.
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