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At Foothill High School, we recognize staff members that enforce our motto A.C.E., which means attitude, choice, and effort. We are always looking for staff members that are displaying positive behaviors towards our students, other staff members, and the Foothill HS community. These staff members understand the importance of leading by example because they encourage others to exhibit these same features. 
Alongside staff members, we also take great pride in recognizing students that display A.C.E. as well. These students are positive representations of Foothill High School and take pride in being leaders to their peers.

A._C._E._ Card IconA. C. E.


“Make each day Your Masterpiece.  You have Control over that.” 
John Wooden
Make a Positive Masterpiece this week.


“There is a choice you have to make, in everything you do.  And you must always keep in mind the choice you make, makes you.”
Choose greatness every time.


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”
Vince Lombardi
Pursue Excellence daily.

JANUARY_A.C.E._Student Card Icon
JANUARY A.C.E. Student

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Mohammad Elyas Nabizada, Senior

JANUARY_A.C.E._Student Card Icon
JANUARY A.C.E. Student

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Ayeon Jung, Senior

JANUARY_A.C.E._Staff Card Icon

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Patricia Barrett, English Department