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Aeries Parent Portal

Aeries parent portal has replaced School-loop, the previous student monitoring database system. This new system will improve the school-to-home communication. Already have a parent portal account for a different Twin Rivers USD student? Simply add your Foothill HS student to the same parent portal account!
Aeries parent portal provides parents the opportunity to monitor all their student's data and school progress during the school year. Similar to our previous program, School-loop, parents can track their student's attendance, grades, discipline but can also update contact information, emergency or medical information, and address changes.
For helping setting up your account, please use the provided guide by clicking on this link: Parent portal guide.pdf
Aeries parent portal is available also as a mobile app! Download the application today on your smartphone or handheld device.

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Parent square

Don't forget to also download Parent Square for your mobile or handheld device. 
Parent Square is the new communication feature to communicate with teachers and staff. This app is only required for mobile devices and uses the same log-in information as school-loop. 
If using the Aeries Portal web version, the communication is already built into the website.

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Add all your twin rivers students to the same parent portal account!

There is no need to create multiple accounts. Simply add your Foothill HS student to the same account. Just into your aeries parent portal account and select the change student feature at the top. Enter the verification for your Mustang and you are good to go!

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Still need help?

If you've already reviewed the help guides, please use one of the contact below:
Student information (verification codes, student ID, etc.) -
Trouble logging into the system -