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School Site Council


The School Site Council is an elected group of teachers, parents, classified employees, and students who work with the principal to develop, review, evaluate and allocate funds for school improvement programs.

 The council is formed to make decisions about how state-allocated categorical funds will be spent. Our School Site Council examines student achievement data from standardized tests and determines the academic goals for each school year. Any government funding received by the school is then apportioned out according to these goals.

 The idea behind the creation of the councils in the 1970s was that those most closely involved with the schools and students on a day-to-day basis could often make the best decisions about how schools needed to improve. Successful School Site Councils, regardless of their specific agendas, are more than a "rubber stamp" committee, and will always ask thoughtful and challenging questions.

 School Site Council members; whether teachers, classified employees or parents, don't just represent their own interests, they have an obligation to make decisions that will best serve the whole school community.

 Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.