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Attendance Information

Students are considered truant if the parent has not called the Attendance Line or sent a note to school with the student at the time of readmission. It is important that all absences be cleared in a timely manner.

Call_the_Attendance_Line:_916-566-3445_(24_hours_–_7_days_a_week) Card Icon
Call the Attendance Line: 916-566-3445 (24 hours – 7 days a week)

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Foothill high
attendance office


Attendance Manager

Marisa Chavez

Student Engagement Specialist

Kristi Burt

Attendance & Behavior Specialist

Eugene Bell

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TRUSD Child welfare and attendance office

Child Welfare & Attendance


CWA Coordinator

Darrin Greer

Student Engagement Specialist

Jackie Cunningham


Please call the Attendance Line at 566-3445. Press 1 for attendance; wait for the prompt then press 1 to report an absence. This is a 24-hour number with full voicemail capacity. Please contact us on or before the day of your student’s absence and leave the following information: a) the student’s name (spell the last name), b) date of absence, c) reason for absence, d) your name and relationship to the student and e) a contact phone number.  Email messages regarding lateness or absences can not be accepted.


If a student needs to leave campus, parents are asked to call at least 1 hour prior to the time the student is required to leave or the previous day to leave the departure information. Call 566-3445, press 1 for attendance, wait for the prompt then press 2 to speak to an Attendance Manager.  If you send a note with your student, you will be contacted by the Attendance Office to verify the note.  If we are not able to contact you to verify the note, your student will not be allowed to leave campus.


Please come to the Attendance Office Check-Out Window and present picture identification to the clerk and sign an Off-Campus Pass.  Students will not be released to any individuals who are not listed on the Emergency Card (filled out annually during Orientation/ Registration), You may also make prior arrangements with the Attendance Office for early pickup as the cut off to call out students and/or attendance window will close at 2:15pm. If you need to take your student from a P.E. class, please call at least 1 hour prior to the time the student is required to leave.  Contact Ms. Caudill Attendance Clerk,  for early pickup for any reason.


Please provide a written excuse for each tardy or phone the Attendance Office with the reason for the late arrival (illness, doctor appointment or personal). A student is marked tardy within 30 minutes and truant after 30 minutes if they arrive with no excuse for being late. Absences will only be cleared with a verified written note or a telephone call from a parent/legal guardian.  Email messages regarding lateness or absences are also accepted.

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